Allion Lithium Battery 105Ah


  • Lightweight (~60% lighter than lead acid)
  • Onboard Battery Management System
  • Excellent cycle life (2000 to 4000 cycles)
  • Safe & stable LiFePO4 technology
  • Fast recharge with overcharge protection
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The ALLiON AL12105BT Lithium-iron battery is a high performing 12V Deep Cycle battery with with Bluetooth technology and a capacity of 105 Amp Hours (Ah). Suitable for RV & leisure applications, the ALLiON range of Lithium batteries are much lighter than comparable lead acid and can last up to 4 times as long. They are also safe to use thanks to the integrated battery management system.

ALLiON batteries are designed with advanced technologies to provide your application with the best, most reliable power. They have an integrated BMS system (battery management system) which manages the battery status and actively protects the battery if the voltage, current or temperature are outside of the designed operating parameters. ALLiON also takes battery technology to the next level by equipping selected batteries in the range with Bluetooth technology so you can monitor your battery's status via an App on your smart device.

The rated cycle life of ALLiON lithium batteries is significantly greater than AGM batteries. They will deliver between 2000 & 4000 cycles depending on the depth of discharge (DoD), compared to an AGM battery which is rated at 300 to 700 cycles for the same DoD. This superior cycle life lowers the cost of ownership over the battery lifetime and also reduces the number of battery replacements.

The high charge acceptance of LiFePO4 technology means that a fully depleted battery can be recharged in less than 3 hours which means less time spent waiting for the battery to charge and more time for your adventure!

Features & benefits: 

Onboard battery management system- The onboard battery management system with ALLiON batteries protects the battery if voltage, current or temperature vary outside the designed operating range.

Fast recharge with overcharge protection- ALLiON batteries' flat discharge curve full power for an extended period of time. The higher charge acceptance of LiFePO4 technology means that even a deeply discharged battery can be charged safely and efficiently in less than 3 hours.

Bluetooth status monitoringPrevent unexpected surprises on the road by checking the health of your battery on your smart device via bluetooth technology.

Partial state of charge (PSoC)- Lead acid batteries are happiest when they are fully charged (100% SoC). Operating at PSoC increases the rate of sulphating which directly reduces battery performance and cycle life. Sulphating is not an issue for LiFePO4 technology so performance and cycle life is not effected when operating in a PSoC. This means ALLiON batteries will still deliver all of their benefits in applications where they are being charged by variable energy sources like wind or solar.

Lightweight- ALLiON batteries' high energy density delivers around 60% weight reduction compared to equivalent AGM lead acid batteries. The lower weight means safer manual handling and a lower overall weight of your energy storage.

Safe & stable LiFePO4 technology- LiFePO4 technology is well regarded for it's thermal & chemical stability. You can rest assured knowing that ALLiON batteries and safe and durable, fully capable of delivering many years of reliable operation. Unlike lead acid batteries which need external ventilation to prevent explosive gases accumulating, LiFePO4 does not vent any gas during operation. AlliON batteries can be safely mounted on their side and installed in compact spaces without having to worry about venting. LiFePO4 technology has high thermal stability which means, unlike most other lithium based batteries, it is highly resistant to thermal runaway.