Your Best Adventures are Yet to Come

Due to the cancellation of just about every trade-show in Australia, Camper is endeavouring to create a virtual trade-show across our full spectrum of channels: print, digital and on social media.

Do you have a strong urge to approach your front door, open it, jump into a fully fuelled and packed-up rig, insert your key, twist, feel the rumble of a well-tuned donk through comfortably plonked buttocks, depress right foot and drive and drive and drive again until you reach your favourite spot?

Of course you do. Don’t we all?

Usually around this time of year, many prospective camper adventurers have made the all-important decision about their set-up. Typically, they’ve attended several shows, spoken to a host of manufacturers face-to-face, accumulated several filing cabinets worth of brochures and are, by June at the latest, fully emboldened and confident they know what’s what when it comes to the right camper for them.

Well, as we all know, this year ain’t like other years. This year there are no shows to attend. Everything’s been postponed until some unspecified time in the future.  To help our readers overcome the absence of this crucial aspect of the camper-buying decision-making process, Camper has devised this, instalment one of our virtual showcases, a camper buying-guide that aims to be as useful as a bricks and mortar trade-show. Here, in print, on our website and across our social channels we’ll aim to address as many questions as possible about the current camper trailer marketplace.

Of course, we can’t profile a full trade-show worth of campers in a single instalment, but we’re definitely looking to profile a fair whack over the course of the year, if, indeed, it is a year until trade-shows are able to operate once again.  It’s not a face-to-face experience, but we think it’s the next best thing.

Just Right for Towing

It’s not a stretch to say that Marlin, with their back-to-basics super-light offerings, have completely flipped the concept of what makes an affordable camper, upside down.

A truly simple set up process means even a solo camper can get a Marlin up and ready in minutes without muttering dark words beneath their breath. A Marlin Camper, perhaps above all else, is designed to be affordable.  A Marlin is made to get you up and out experiencing the joys of remote Australia without losing sleep over an intimidating price tag.

If you want more features, Marlin can add more features. After consultation, Marlin only adds what you need whenever you decide whatever it is you require. Marlin Campers are proudly Australian made, as well. This enables solid and confidently asserted feedback should ever you need it. If after purchasing a Marlin you have a query of some sort, you can be assured the person you speak with will have had some direct link to the factory floor where it was made. If you are looking for a camper that’s light, simple to use, straightforward to tow and built with quality in mind, a Marlin  is definitely worth considering. 

During enforced lockdown and with some travel restrictions still in place, Marlin is especially bullish on two model choices: The one featured here, the Escape Deluxe Offroad, retailing for $12199, and also a smaller version — with a miniscule tare weight of 320kg — the Cruiser Deluxe, retailing for $8499. Mention this virtual showcase preview and the fine folk at Marlin will take a further $1000 off the RRP.

Key Specs
  • Marlin Escape Deluxe Offroad
  • Tare 450kg
  • ATM 750kg
  • Tent 12-ounce canvas
Key features:
  • 200 watts solar
  • ArkPak (120Ah AGM) 

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