Companion 60L Lithium Rechargeable Fridge/Freezer


  • 60L capacity
  • Single zone with dual direction lid
  • Integrated/Removeable Lithium battery/powerpack
  • 16-hour run time on a single charge
  • Dual speed SECOP compressor
  • AC and DC operation
  • Dual Anderson solar/power connections
  • Dual DC power inlet
  • Dual USB ports (total 4 outlets)
  • Average usage of 1.1 amp/hour
  • Digital LED display panel
  • 3-stage battery monitor
  • 12V DC cable included
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Thinking of heading off-grid for the weekend? Charge up the Lithium Rechargeable Fridge/Freezer from Companion before you go and enjoy all your food and refreshments without having to worry about cables and power. An innovative leader, this fridge can operate wirelessly through the rechargeable and removable Lithium battery. It’ll give you 16-hours of battery life off one single charge and with 4 USB outlets, it doubles as a power pack for all your devices as well. No worries if you want to stay a few extra days, just connect your solar or Anderson plug directly to the unit and it’ll keep on chilling with the dual-speed SECOP compressor. With an average power usage of 1.1 amp per hour and dual direction lid, you’ve got the ultimate in flexibility and access, without it sucking all your juice. There are a 3-stage battery monitor and digital LED display control panel plus a whole lot of other little details that make Companion’s Lithium Rechargeable Fridge/Freezer an incredibly impressive addition to your camping setup.
External Dimensions:
82L x 48.2W x 46H cm
Packed Dimensions:
90L x 58W x 53H cm
Internal Dimensions:

50.5L x 34.5W x 32H cm

Insulation Thickness:
6.5 cm
Cable Length:
DC 180 cm | AC 200 cm
Approx. Drink Capacity:
95 375ml Cans


Polyurethane Foam
Input Power:
12V DC, 6.0A | 24V DC, 3A | 240V AC | 65W
Power Consumption:
Average 1.1 Ah/h
Lithium-ion | 12V | 42 Ah
Run Time:
Up to 16-hour runtime on a single charge
Dual speed SECOP
Temperature Range:
+10°C to -18°C
26 Kg
3 Year