The owners of Marlin Campers, Steve & Ben, have only been back in Brisbane for 2 days, and already they have been swamped with last year’s happy customers.  The great weather has brought out the crowds, and the feedback has all been about quality, and stories of happy camping.  No matter the weather, or where the Marlin Campers have been towed, they continue to out perform the expectations of even our fussiest customers.  You can now join the hundreds of satisfied customers who own the most affordable,  highest quality camper on the market, and take advantage of our most generous savings ever.  Steve & Ben’s vast experience will ensure you find the camper that suits you style, and budget, without comprimising on quality.  Don’t forget that Marlin Campers are a complete camping solution and can supply all of your camping essentials.  We look forward to getting you on the road in your own brand new camper trailer today.  Just email, or call Steve & Ben today!