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Here's Why You Should Choose A Marlin Camper:

Why Buy a Marlin Camper?

At Marlin Campers, we pride ourselves on selling affordable camper trailers that retain all of the important quality features for when you're choosing your very own camper trailer. There are many different areas that are important to consider, and below we'll outline the reasons our campers stand out from the rest:

#1. Canvas For All Conditions:

Marlin Campers have a strong partnership with Oztrail, an Australian company based in Brisbane, which enables us to provide our customers with a product of outstanding quality. Oztrail have many decades of experience working with canvas, as their large range of swags, cabin tents and touring tents demonstrates. They bring their vast knowledge in canvas manufacturing to our range of camper trailers, and it's this experience that underpins the 2 year manufacturer's warranty provided with all of our camper trailers.

The 600gsm (or 15oz) Satproof canvas used in the Marlin Camper Trailers is industry- leading technology. The canvas is waterproofed through a hot impregnation technique that bonds the water proofing agent to the material. This ensures that the material's water proofing is highly durable, and unlike some aftermarket or external water proofing techniques, the canvas water proofing cannot wear off. This is particularly important, as constantly opening and closing the camper trailer over a lifetime can weaken some inferior waxes or treatments. The canvas we use on the roof of our camper trailers has been further improved. To darken the material, the roof canvas is double dyed. This darkening helps to keep the camper cooler in summer. The outer layer of canvas incorporates a silver thread, which assists in reflecting the heat from the sun, again keeping your Marlin Camper cooler and more comfortable. Both of these techniques are unique to Oztrail. The final word on the canvas relates to the stitching. Not only are all of the seams double- stitched, the main seams are also folded together, giving a four- layered strength, and ensuring your seams stay dry. This is another unique feature to Oztrail canvas, and quality you don't find in other camper trailer tents- including the more expensive brands.

#2. Awning Walls You Can Set Up With Ease:

Our entire Marlin Camper range can be fitted with a set of canvas walls that doublethespace inside your camper trailer. For ease of use and practicality, our walls come in four sections, which simply join together with durable Velcro trips. There are two main benefits of this: Firstly, not having to erect a single heavy wall means that you can put up the awning walls quickly and easily. Second of all, you're afforded more flexibility in your setup. On a quick trip you may only need to setup one wall for a little wind protection, or you may want two walls for privacy. The choice is up to you.

Marlin Campers provide two flooring options for the awning. You can install a full PVC floor made from the same heavy duty material as the main floor of the tent, or you can opt for a mesh floor. We recommend the mesh, as it again provides flexibility and many caravan parks requirea mesh awning floor these days, as it ensures you won't kill the grass. Secondly, the mesh allows any dirt, sand etc to filter through to the ground so that you don't have to continually clean this high traffic area. If you choose to use just one of the available walls, you can peg directly through the mesh without damaging it, while maintaining a solid base to protect from wind. Finally, the floors we recommend (Camec annex flooring) are UV stabilised and come with a 10 year warranty.

#3. Spacious Windows That Keep You Safe From The Elements:

Throughout the camper trailer's main body and awning walls, we use a super fine midgy screen to keep out all of the nasties. This midgy screen is a super fine material screen, not a plastic flyscreen! Being material, it gives the screen a much longer serviceable life, as they resist cracking and perishing. They also give you a practical option to repair them with a simple needle and thread, should the need ever arise. The super fine screen also provides protection from high winds by cutting down a lot of strong air flow. The very nature of the screens cuts down the movement of high speed air, meaning that you're comfortable inside your camper with the windows open- even on the most blustery days.

To keep you protected from the elements, all of the windows on the camper have dual canvas flaps, both internal and external. The internal flaps allow you to secure your privacy, or to close the windows from inside the camper should bad weather set in. The external flaps can roll up to give maximum air flow and comfort, or you can take advantage of the reinforced eyelets in each corner to permit you to use poles to erect the shades, or peg out each of the widows to protect from the sun or provide additional shelter from the rain.

#4. Easy Access In All Weather:

If bad weather sets in, you can access the main storage of your camper via an access hatch underneath the mattress (all of our campers are provided with their own customised, high density open cell foam mattress, designed for camping conditions). On our Escape and Explorer range, this hatch is supported by a gas strut. The strut allows you to support the mattress and your bedding without having to hold the hatch open yourself, giving you two hands to utilise the ample storage room. Two heavy duty 800N gas struts support the main base of the camper, and this allows you to access the campers' storage from outside the camper. The strength of the struts holds open the camper, even when the camper is completely folded down. Also, the unique design of our campers allows you to utilise the gas struts when the camper is fully setup as well. For the longevity and strength of your camper, we do not use a simple piano hinge, but weld fully rated hinges in support of our gas strut system.

#5. Heavy-Duty Frame Work:

The framework of our camper trailers is designed around a unique hinging system. This system has many benefits, but its' primary feature is it allows you to fully setup or dismantle any camper trailer in our range,single handed. In combination with our gas strut and hinging system, we have the easiestcamper trailer to set up on the market. Combined with our heavy duty hinges, we use only the best poles and framework. Using a thicker, galvanised framework gives our campers extra strength. This provides durability and strength, particularly inhigh winds. Not only are our poles and framework thicker than our competitors, but we can also provide full replacement parts should you misplace any of your equipment. After all, nobody should be left stranded with a camper they can't use, simply because there are no replacements or after sales accessories and components available!

#6. A Warranty You Won't Find Anywhere Else- Our Guarantee:

Our 2 year manufacturers' warranty is the longest warranty you can find. This is our guarantee ofquality workmanship toyou. By contrast, some providers of cheap, lesser- quality campers actually specify no warranty at all! For this reason, you should ensure you clarify what sort of warranty and after sales support you can expect when making an investment in your camper trailer. When you buy from Marlin Campers, you deal directly with the owners so you can be assured we've got your interests as our #1 priority,