Marlin Trailbike Camper Trailer

Marlin Campers are continuing to revolutionise Camper Trailer design, and now have the trailbike rider in the forefront of their minds. We have designed an Australian first Motorbike Camper Trailer that will allow you to set up camp without the hassle of removing your bikes each time. The Camper has sleeping for up to 8 people, and covered protection for the bikes, giving you the best of both worlds.

Based on the Marlin Explorer, and with space for 3 bikes, this rugged Off Road Trailer will give you the perfect base for your biking adventures.



If you’re staying overnight or arrive late and just need a bed then the Marlin Trailbike Camper has the ideal solution. In an Australian first, we have designed the camper so you can leave your bikes on and completely set up your site for camping.

Motor bike Camper Specifications

Overall Dimensions: 6000mm x 1760mm

Motorbike Area: 2310mm x 1220mm

Drawbar length: 1600mm

Running Gear; 2 x 40mm square axle, Springs – 6 Leaf Outback slipper springs, 16 inch 6 stud wheels, 2 x braked hubs

Coupling: 3000kg 50mm ball

Trailer clearance: 470mm

4 x 20L jerry can holders

1 x 4kg gas bottle holder

Trailer mass: 650kg,

ATM 2000kg

Tent Size fully erected: 5550mm x 7000mm (see for further tent specifications)

Storage area: 2600mm x 1210mm x 500mm

Gas struts for bed base: 2 x 800N

We have now also included a new Marlin Camper trailer to the range specifically designed to take a single trailbike along for the ride. You can have the trailbike addition added to either the Marlin Escape, or the Marlin Explorer range.