Marlin Rear Fold Camper Trailers

The Rear Fold Camper layout  offers the alternative some people are after who prefer an easier access in and out of bed. With the Camper folding off the back of the trailer you gain access without climbing over each other in bed.

Marlin Campers offer 2 sizes in the Rear Fold range

The Smaller Lighter Cruiser 8, which is mounted on the low side 6×4 trailer and offers all the same Cruiser benefits.Image result for oztrail camper 8

  • Trailer is an example only and not the actual trailer used, please refer to Marlin Cruiser page for more details.

rear fold camper oztrail 8

and the Mid Size Marlin Escape 8, which is based on the high side 7×4 trailer and has similar features to the Marlin Escape.

These tents are in high demand and stock is limited so get in touch today to find out more

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