Do you have a trailer? We have tent tops from $1999

Oztrails Range of camper trailer tops will fit any 6×4, 7×4 or 8×5 trailer. If you have a trailer doing nothing, why not turn it into a Camper Trailer today and purchase an easy fit Oztrail camper top from Marlin Campers.

I may be biased, But after 9 years of making Camper Trailers with Oztrail tops I can’t find an Easier, Better Built Camper anywhere else. Oztrails 30 years of experience making Canvas products shows in every model that they bring to the market.

Compare the quality and features in our tents and get yourself camping in style in a brand new Camper Trailer.

Tops for 6×4 Trailers $2999 Reduced to $1999

Tops for 7×4 Trailers $3499 Reduced to $2500

Tops for 7×4 High Side Trailers $4999 Reduced to $3499

Tops from 8×5 High Side Trailers $5499 Reduced to $3999


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