Which Camper is Right for You?

Buying a Camper Trailer with Marlin Campers is as easy as 1,2,3

The team at Marlin Campers are life long campers and adventurers. They are constantly using, changing and improving the range and believe that there is no one-size-fits-all-solution.

That is why we don’t import an off the shelf product. We build every Camper in house from the ground up and have been doing so since 2006.

When buying a camper trailer you usually have to take it as it comes, However with a Marlin Camper you get to choose,
What size tent you would like,
What features do you need added now and likely to want in the future
and whether you need an On Road, Light Off Road or Extreme Off Road Trailer.

Take a look at how easy it is to find you perfect fit with our 3 step process below.

1, Which tent fits your needs?

By using the Oztrail range of tops you are guaranteed to find a Camper that is perfect for your needs. We have split the range into 3 areas.

The Marlin Cruiser Range

For anyone after a small, compact and easy to set up camper, usually for singles and couples this camper is perfect for small car towing. The tare weight comes in at just 280kg.

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The Marlin Escape Range

For couples and small families that are looking for a bit more room in the trailer without going to big on the tent. Its our most popular Off Road model as its small footprint means you can go anywhere and set up in the smallest of places.

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Escape Sunroom

The Marlin Explorer Range

The Family Camper. These campers have heaps of room with optional rooms that can be added for when the kids bring their mates.

Below is the Explorer with the Oztrail Zenith tent. This unit has an optional Rear kids room that is attached similar to the front awning.

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Explorer Sunroom

2, Choose your trailer.

The biggest decision to make is whether you need Semi Off Road or a Full Off Road Model.

Other options include


Jerry Can Holders,

Gas Bottle Holders,

Boat Racks and the list goes on.

Every trailer is built to suit your needs so that you get exactly what you want without any of the extras you don’t need. This also give the new camper the chance to start using their Camper Trailer whilst they find out what works best for them.

3, What goes inside.

When I started Marlin Campers I was looking for a Camper Trailer that had a great Quality, easy to use tent on a solid trailer that I could use to store the camping gear I already owned. While every other Manufacturer is busy loading their campers with as much gear as possible, I have kept mine empty so that the buyer has the choice in adding what they need and leaving out what they already own.

While some of you would like a tailgate kitchen as good as the kitchen at home, others are happy with a table outside next to the BBQ. Its with this in mind that the final step to buying your camper is adding the furniture and accessories that you need to make your Camper Trailer the perfect one for you.

We would love to help you while you search your way through the maze of Campers available in todays market.

A quick call or email and a couple of questions is all it takes to find your perfect match.

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